Security Guard & Patrol Services

Prevention is our priority

We are committed to provide professional security guards and patrol services to commercial clients.

Security Guard & Patrol
Security Officers

Our security guards are licensed (as California law requires) and professionally trained to provide outstanding service.

With the option of armed or unarmed security officers, most clients prefer armed because of the benefits of higher crime deterrence.

Types of Patrol

Our security officers can be at a fixed location, patrol on foot, or via vehicle to guard your property. You have the option to opt for patrol on foot for small areas or vehicle patrol for larger areas that need to be safeguarded.

Fixed Location Vehicle Patrol
Community gate Motor vehicle
Building entrance Golf cart

*We provide patrol vehicles at an additional charge by hourly rate.

Committed To Safety & Prevention

Security officer duties are custom to the need of the client and what distinguishes our services from others is that by default, our security officers already perform on expectations such as:

  • Parking lot and perimeter checks.
  • Locking your office or pool.
  • Enforcement of proper parking.
  • Trespass, loitering, and curfew violations.
  • Site searches for prowlers or suspicious activity.
  • Completing light out reports.
  • Preventing vandalism.
  • Noise control/abatement.
  • Notification of emergency services or client management when needed.
  • Assist employees, guests, or visitors at your property.

We make it easy and convenient to decide to hire ESP Pros as your security service.

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