Hire our commercial security guards in Santa Rosa or Vallejo, CA and the surrounding area

Ensure the Safety of Your Next Event

Do you have a special event coming up? Would you like to increase the level of security at your business? ESP Pros can deploy commercial security guards at your next event in Santa Rosa or Vallejo, CA and the surrounding area. We'll bring our guards out to your facility and let you meet them to ensure they're a good fit before your event, and then follow up periodically to ensure that your event is running smoothly.

Contact us now to get commercial security guards assigned to your event.

Learn more about our security services

Planning your event security is where our commercial security services start. Once you hire our team, we'll:

  • Do a walkthrough around your site to get the lay of the land
  • Develop post orders and alter plans to fit your needs
  • Determine the best ways to help your event succeed

We'll put a plan in place, work with your schedule and provide regular reports and updates to keep you apprised of the status of your event. Speak to our owner today to find out more about our commercial security services.